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Get best deals on White Spirit, Plastic Recycle Pellets, Light Soda Ash, etc.

Know Us

For every trading business, it is important to carefully choose the vendors as vendors are the ones that support these trading firms in fulfilling the requirements of customers. Considering this aspect, we, Vast Essential Trading, as a trader and supplier, stay focused while allying with vendors. Carefully chosen on different parameters like ability to timely deliver products, capability of fulfilling urgent and bulk requirements, ability to improve with the changing trends, etc., our vendors have become the key strength of our company. Today, we have a strong and large supply chain network that spreads not only within the boundaries of our nation but overseas too, enabling us to establish a strong foothold as an exporter as well. The line of products we offer includes VG40 Bitumen Oil, N550 Black Carbon, White Spirit, Light Soda Ash and more. Besides, we adopt a systematic work approach that enables us to perform our business operations carefully and efficiently.

Supply Chain Network

Our presence is not bounded by our nation but we have established a strong foothold in the markets of UAE and Iran as well. The credit of our immense popularity goes to our strong logistics network that begins from our base established in Canada and sprawls worldwide connecting all our partners including distributors, shareholders and customers. Our supply chain network is well-managed by our logistics executives who keep a close tab over every activity that takes place across the entire network that we have set up. Our maintenance of logistics not only enables us to manage timely delivery of White Spirit and VG40 Bitumen Oil but helps us secure a big name in the market.


Consistency is everything that a person would ask for, be it at professional level or personal. This is the reason that we strive day and night to remain consistent in our work quality, product quality, timely product delivery and our response to customer queries. We always strive to make the shopping experience of our customers with us an amazing one.

However, consistency alone cannot help us climb ladders of success. Following are some more reasons that lead us towards winning the hearts of our customers:

  • Fair price structure of Light Soda Ash and other products
  • Careful follow-up of total quality management system
  • Ethical business practices
  • Transparent business deals